Message to Parents and Guardians

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thanks for your interest in Max the Cat. This game was created following Family Pastimes’ philosophy of co-operative play. FP has always made games in which players act together towards a common goal, avoiding the conflict and bad feelings that often arise when children are encouraged to beat each other and eliminate their playmates from the game.

This app is not meant as a replacement for the original Max the Cat board game, nor indeed any form of physical play. We hope this app will be seen as a supplement to playing traditional games, for example when taking kids on the road, or when there simply isn’t the time or space to set up a physical board game.

This game can also satisfy the youngster’s natural curiosity about, and desire to use, your iPad without exposing them to consumer-based games, which are full of ads or require purchases to improve gameplay.

The goal of the game is to get the little creatures to their homes in the tree, before Max catches them. We encourage you to play Max with your child. In a simple, exciting way children will learn logic, consultation and decision-making. Discussing which is the next best move can bring up valuable topics of conversation, like the relationship between us, our pets, and animals in the wild.

We don’t like Max catching those little creatures, yet we recognize that he is a natural hunter. How do we resolve this in our minds and hearts? Working together, taking turns; the players must assess the situation, make predictions about what could happen down the road, and make decisions about what to do next. Players can talk about how they feel about the group decisions and their outcomes. Children often have some very moving insights into this dilemma.

How to play: To start a game select the arrow button in the top right of the screen, then roll the dice. Green dots allow you to move a little creature. Two dots can be used to move two creatures once, or one creature twice (try a double tap). With a double green you can even sneak past Max. See “How to Play” for more details.

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How to play