PRESS RELEASE: Cooperative Board Game Company Goes Digital

Feb. 20, 2015, for immediate release

Cooperative Board Game Company Goes Digital

Brooke Valley, Ontario

After more than four decades of producing and selling games the traditional way, Family Pastimes is going digital! Your familiar board games are now available on-line and for your mobile device.

Family Pastimes Cooperative Games has been making their own special brand of board games in their workshop just outside of Perth Ontario for over 40 years. They are sustainable and eco-friendly; all the components are handmade, but what makes their games really special is their non-competitive nature.

Studies show that cooperative games reduce aggression in groups of kids. This makes them a favorite of teachers, parents and caregivers because they require less intervention. The youngsters play together instead of against each other. The games also teach valuable lessons about working together for better home life, society, and the environment.

Jim and Ruth Deacove of Family Pastimes have created over 100 of these wonderful games appealing to children from aged 3 up to adults. They are available in fine stores all over the world.

Due to popular demand they have developed their first app for the iPad/iPhone. Based on “Max”, a longtime top-selling board game for kids 4 and up, “Max the Cat“ is now available on the Apple App Store.

Players must help get the little Creatures safely home before Max, the Tomcat, catches them. Max the Cat teaches children cooperation, logic, consultation and decision-making.

Family Pastimes teamed up with design company Brooke Media Arts and Stratum Games to create a mobile game with all the charm of the original. Nothing beats family time with a real board game, but now you can take that experience on the road with your mobile device.

As good toy stores get harder and harder to find, Family Pastimes has decided to open their own on-line store. Now you can buy any of their games at To compensate for the cost of shipping, prices are 1/3 off.

As a special offer, Max the Cat iOS app will be free to download all day Friday Feb. 27. Just follow the link ( or scan the code in the picture.

Steev Morgan
(613) 268-2370


Click or Scan to Download Max the Cat app for iOS on the App Store Max the Cat Co-operative Game App for kids 4 and up.

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