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Download on the App StorePlayers: Ages 4 and up can play by themselves, or in a group.

Object: To get as many Little Creatures as you can from the tree stump to their home nests. The game is over when all Little Creatures either get home or are caught by Max. Little Creatures are caught if they are on the same space as Max at the end of a move.

Select the dice to start. Select a little creature to move if you get green. Max moves on black.Getting Started: To start a new game, select the right facing arrow at the top of the screen. Max starts on the porch rug. The Mouse, Chipmunk and Bird start at the tree stump. Roll the dice by tapping them. Black spots move Max. Green spots move the other creatures. To start the game over, select the circular arrow button at the top right of the screen.

Play: Take turns rolling the dice and moving the creatures. When a green spot comes up, move one Little Creature one space along. You decide which one to move. If a double green (two green spots) comes up, move two Little Creatures one space each, or one Little Creature two spaces (try a double tap).

When a black spot comes up, Max is moved one space. If a double black (two black spots) comes up, Max is moved two spaces. If one black Select the glowing path to take a shortcut.
spot and one green spot come up, move either a Little Creature or Max first. Do whichever you think is best. At all times, players are free to ask for advice and help from each other before making a move.

The Shortcuts: Each Little Creature has its own shortcut. If it lands on the beginning space it can follow the footprints to the end by tapping the path. But you don’t have to use it! Maybe Max is waiting at the end of it!

However, while each Little Creature can use only its own shortcut, Max can smell the trail of every Little Creature and uses all the shortcuts. Sometimes, though, a roll of a double black makes Max go past the shortcut. He is in such a rush that he misses it!

Select a treat to bring Max home.

The Cat Treats: If Max gets too close to catching a creature, before rolling the dice on your tum you can call Max back to the porch for a treat. Put a treat on its porch space by tapping it and bring Max back to the porch rug. During a game, you have only four treats to use.

Home Nests: The creatures must get exactly home. They are safe there. Max cannot go into the big tree. He can go only as far as the last space next to the tree.

Help get the little creatures home!

Special Rule about the Last Space: If Max ever gets here, he doesn’t move for the rest of the game, even for Treats and even if black spots are rolled. He just lies in wait. A creature can get by only with a double green, first hopping on Max and then into the Nest. It’s dangerous to let Max get to this last space by the tree.

Have Fun!

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